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Orange army. Fight!
I can't believe I am sick again.  What is up with this year's cold and flu season?!  It's making me cranky.  Please little oranges, do your job and make this go away soon.
Kristina Quinones – Emotional Sojourns
Mark Rothko wrote “I am not an abstractionist … I am not interested in the relationship of color or form or anything else. … I’m interested only in expressing basic human emotions ― tragedy, ecstasy, doom and so on”.  The work of Kristina Quinones falls squarely into this tradition of the so-called “color-field” painters – […]
Accident + Artifact, a Cabinet of Curiosities
  In the center of Accident + Artifact is a table draped with a ripped denim tablecloth topped with simple pottery. Along one wall is a cabinet filled with antique books, oil paintings and wooden figurines laced with algae and dried flowers. Elsewhere, jewelry lays in display cases. The original owner of Accident + Artifact established the store in 2009 at 381 Valencia St. as a sort of wunderkammer—a cabinet...
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There are more artists in the Mission than any other neighborhood in San Francisco